Penguins On Broadway

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Once upon a time, very many years ago, a musical idea was born. Some say it was creative, bold and innovative. Others stated that while oddly infectious, it would certainly be a flash in the pan. Who would have thought the band's tenure would rival the shelf life of a Twinkie?

Leader Brad McIntosh calls it Phase 4. Mike the Doctor Lauchlan states the band has "come of age". Keyboardist Jeff Burrows simply stated "all original? God help us". Dr. Roxanne Goldade, the undisputed superstar of the group, simply figured it a great opportunity to have a hell of a party. You might say it's our collective second wind, but in fact it's our primary wind.  It's been heading here.  For twenty years it's been heading right here.

The March of the Penguins continues. LISTEN to bye bye wally.

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