We would like to thank and acknowledge all the people and organizations that have helped to make bye bye wally possible, and in particular those who have donated their time, expertise and professional services.

Diana Dacen (Executive Producer)

Diana Dacen

Born and raised in Calgary, and having attended the University of Calgary for almost 7 years, Diana came of age surrounded by the music of the Penguins. She began her career as a college professor and is now exploring life as a mother, a designer (Mi Casa Designs), a property investor and an entrepreneur. Recently, Diana has been instrumental in the creation of the corporate image of an all new, all executive airline: Executive 1 Air.

Diana recognized a hit with bye bye wally and the inevitable evolution of the Penguins on Broadway. She believes in their music and their vision, and is excited to be a part of this project.

NATIONAL Public Relations (Canada) Inc.

National Logo

We'd like to thank the folks at National for their fantastic artwork and creative input for the website, the CD and the press pack materials. Please visit their website at http://www.national.ca.


webworX Logo

Thanks to Dean at webworX for the extremely kind donation of a web hosting package for a full year to get us going. webworX can be found at http://www.webworx.ca.

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