The Band

The list of gigs is as odd as it is impressive. The reopening of the Lion's Street Bridge on a beautiful summer eve, Hockey luminary Mike Vernon's wedding, several appearances at the infamous Decidedly Jazz black and white ball, and of course the incomparable Tamarama 'Eddie evergreen' telethon in not so "big band friendly" Grande Prairie (just ask Dewi "ring those phones" Wood for details).

Over the years the Penguins repertoire has been steadfast, their show safe and somewhat predictable. At least up until now...up until bye bye wally.

Leader Brad McIntosh calls it Phase 4. Mike the Doctor Lauchlan states the band has "come of age". Keyboardist Jeff Burrows simply stated "all original? God help us". Dr. Roxanne Goldade, the undisputed superstar of the group, simply figured it a great opportunity to have a hell of a party. You might say it's our collective second wind, but in fact it's our primary wind. It was heading here... For twenty years it's been heading right here.

The March of the Penguins continues.

Book the Band

To book the band, please call Brad McIntosh at (403) 571-0600.

The Musicians

Brad (the stickman) McIntosh

Bradley, before the operation.

The brilliant mind that created the Penguins knows no equal. Brad's ascerbic wit and intolerable loyalty to his friends has been the essential glue that has kept the band together. As lead singer, and the only member to ever write a decent hit, Brad is modest.

Brad's hobbies include leaving phone messages that complain because you aren't there, as well as calling you on his cell phone while standing secretly outside your front door. Brad has (inexplicably) incredibly good looking children. Go figure. Children visiting this website may wish to note that Brad hunts geese.

Mike (the doctor) Lauchlan

Michael, in his youger days.

Mike's mind is greater than Brad's. It is not equal. From the beginning, Mike's rapacious enthusiasm has energized POB's horn section. In addition to writing much original music, and arranging the bulk of the Penguins' charts, Mike's artistic flair has brought the band's image into stark reality on many occasions. Keen collectors of his artwork still lust after the custom sewn ski-jackets with Penguin Logo from the late eighties.

As self-elected (no one else would do it) project manager on bye bye wally, Mike has redefined the meaning of on time and on budget. Many people live in fear of Mike's spreadsheets.

Jeff Burrows

A picture of Jeff

Jeff originally joined the band in 1986, during his second adolescence. His positive outlook 'the cup is ¼ full' has helped retard the band's development for a full 20 years, but the band is content to leave Jeff's delusions of mild musical grandeur and verbal email assaults well alone, not knowing what repercussions lie festering and dormant in the depths of his mysterious soul.

His relationship with the band's leader, informally know as Dirk (the leader, not the relationship), was the subject of a 1988 video documentary following the tragic failure of their elopement to Toronto, ostensibly to give the band the slip a piece of someone's mind. Gary, the pink inflatable dog has all the details. Brad's uncle and aunt were very nice to Jeff. Jeff would like anyone with a copy of the video to return it to him or destroy it for mercy's sake.

Please note that Jeff's nickname 'the piston' originates from his prowess with and love for internal combustion engines, contrary to popular belief.

Dr. Roxanne (tba) Goldade


Rox joined the Penguins about 20 years ago. Even though she was born at a very early age, Rox didn't make her first public appearance until the age of two... "To be honest, I was a slow starter and was distracted by the whole walking, talking early childhood development thing." It took an incredible 1,400 more days before her first TV appearance at the age of six. "Yeah, that did take a while, but it gave me a real appreciation for the yin-yang of geriatrics and paediatrics and probably set the course of my medical career".

Slowing even more, Rox's first album wasn't released until she was 14. It was another two years before the second album. And she has only been nominated for a disappointing two Juno awards... "I really feel that had I found the Penguins earlier, there would have been more nominations, but I was wrapped up in this whole M.D. thing. I mean, God — I really let the Biochem degree, the paediatric residency and the whole 'helping the people' thing side swipe me — to the detriment of the band. I still feel guilty for taking time off to get married, have two kids, volunteer, coach, mentor, teach and work full time in the paediatric medical community when I could have been helping the band get an album deal. How could I be so adolescent?".

Rox has made amends for her past with her awesome work on bye bye wally. With an unstopable energy Rox has helped to drive the project to completion in much the same way that she has driven the members of the band to drink. Extra paper has been ordered to credit her achievements in the CD insert. We (and a very large number of other people on this planet) are extremely lucky to be blessed with the soul of Dr. Roxanne Goldade, B.Sc., M.D., FAAP, FRCPC, LMCC, ADC CP ACH, CSM CP CC LCW CHR, CAPUofC, Medical Director Wood's Homes, Consultant, Hull Homes (2002 - 2004), Member at Large - Alberta Pediatric Society. and member of CPS, AAP, AMA, CMA and FMWC.

Rox wants people to know that she did not write this.

Donny Payjack

Recent picture of Donny

Donny began his professional music career back in the 70's, at the tender age of 17, playing underage in some of Calgary's worst bars with one of the city's first punk rock bands. From these tenuous beginnings, things have all gone downhill since. Classic Rock, Blues, Country & Roots music, Don has played it all, and usually with an exuberance that most people reserve for extra-marital sex. In addition to his over-the-top skills on the six-string, Donny is available for bartending, children's parties, and/or bartending at children's parties... give him a try... he makes his own gravy!

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